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I really liked this character and I figured a backstory would do it justice. I'm hoping to make expand this in the future.

Sadly my story telling skills aren't so good, so I have to thank my very talented writer friend Kate Taylor for breathing life (more than I ever could) into this character. I only gave a picture and the rest is all her:

“Have you ever seen anything like this, Aythe?” His hands shook with excitement and he was barely able to hold still next to me. I set my axe aside and curled my fingers around mug of mead, taking a long sip while keeping an eye out for any trouble.

“No, I don’t believe I have.” I muttered more to myself, the music ringing loudly in my ears, I doubt he ever heard my reply. It’s been a long time since either of us had visited town, a long ride on foot, through mountains and dark forests, you start to get used to the wild more than people. It bothered me. The bagpipe, the dancing, the drinking. Too much of a fuss, to many things that could go wrong. I jerked away when his small hand curled around my forearm but had to relax as I met his amber eyes. The only thing we had in common, he and I.

“You okay, Schwesterchen?” he mouthed and I nodded abruptly, managing a curl of my lips.
“Ja. Go get yourself something to eat.” I added and handed him a handfull of coppers, pointing at the bar table.

He instantly started beaming, snatched the money and made his way around the large figures in the room. I swallowed, not liking this in the least. It had been a mistake to bring him here. He was too young and too out of place to not stand out in this crowd. Without even knowing it I had my hand wrapped around the axe again, but made myself let go and sit back again.
“He’ll be just fine, he has to learn to fend for himself” I coached myself and dipped a finger in the foamy beer before licking it away.

His hair had grown over the winter. The thought hit me out of the blue and I huffed at the strange concern. I pulled out the small leather pouch tied around my belt and gazed down at the three gold coins. All our money. Sighing I leaned back and bit my lip, contemplating. I’d have to cut his hair again. We couldn’t afford the luxury of a barber. There were still things we had to purchase. I’d get him a pastry or something. Make up for it somehow. I closed my eyes for a second. This wasn’t the life I’d planned for. Wandering aimlessly from town to town, hunting to eat, sleeping under the stars in the cold, caring for my little brother. I always thought I’d end up some housewife, doing choirs, taking the usual beating once in a while, working the earth, having kids…

It took me a moment to realize the music had stopped, the pipe had died out and it was oddly quiet in the tavern. I looked around for my brother, my heart instantly jumping into action as I picked up the axe in one hand and circled the table to walk past the large men lined up at the bar.

“Tom?” I called out and several faces turned to look at me, none of which was the shaggy little skinny brat I knew by heart.

“Keep your voice down, Hure !” Said the annoyed middle aged man behind the counter as I turned toward him, keeping my axe well in view.

“I sent my little brother to buy something to eat a few minutes ago.” I said between clenched teeth, trying hard not to let his cocky little smirk faze me.

“That mangy pup?” He asked and broke out laughing, gesturing for a back door. “He’s with you? I kicked him out.” He leaned over the wooden barrier between us and gestured me closer. “Little boys have no business in my tavern, miss. Bringing him here was a mistake on your part. Now i suggest you leave before I kick you out as well.”

“I’m not going anywhere without him.” I twisted my hand a notch and pointed the sharp edge of the axe against his neck. “Now be a good man and fetch my brother.”
I could feel the tension growing as drunken men smelled the ghastly reek of a fight.

“Careful, Schlampe. You don’t want to make a scene in my home.” He cautioned and I let my eyes glow just a bit, just a glimpse of the darkness within me. He swallowed and I knew that because it shifted the blade a notch and I could sense the thin sliver of blood disappearing into the collar of his shirt.

“I believe that’s exactly what I’ll do if I don’t see him in the next two seconds.” I leaned closer and let my words roll over his skin, like hot steam. “And I’ll be the only one walking out of here alive, süsser.” 

Just as a little experiment, would you be interested in seeing more of this ?

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